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We are New York City’s premier pet taxi service! Pet transportation has been Pet Chauffeur’s expertise since 1996. Our services, available 365 days a year, include animal transports to veterinarians, airports, groomers, and day care / boarding facilities.

We know that pets are a beloved part of your family, and that you won’t settle for anything but the best when it comes to your family. Let Pet Chauffeur help you handle all types of pet transport. When you don’t have an available vehicle, in case of emergencies, transporting your pet to shows, grooming appointments, visits to the vet – even driving your pet cross-country!

With just one phone call, a caring and qualified Pet Chauffeur will escort your pet wherever they need to go – with or without you. We can even schedule regular visits to the groomer or vet’s office. No more re-arranging your schedule or having to take a day off of work.

Pet Chauffeur provides safe pet transportation using vehicles equipped with crates and safety belt clips for your pets. Ramps and stretchers are also available in case of especial needs.

  • Pet Shipping: Airline pet transportation is also available
  • Long distance ground transport available
  • Chauffeuring Pets Since 1996



Press Media

Off Duty

Last April 1st, we made it on the New York Post. See the full article below.

In the city that offers everything from round-the-clock gyms to Pinkberry delivery, it’s no surprise that off-loading pet care is just a click or a phone call away. A host of NYC companies can practically take your pet ownership responsibilities off your plate. The Post looked into several of these services and calculated just how much time could be saved — and money spent — if each were used for an entire month.

Chauffeur to vet appointment

Why ditch your lunch plans when you can outsource taking Fido for his monthly vet visit? Pet Chauffeur (petchauffeur.com; 212-696-9744) employs a fleet of four vans and about 10 drivers to whisk your pet to all of his appointments, and work with vets whose staff will bring your pet inside (if they won’t, Pet Chauffeur drivers will chaperone your pet inside for an additional fee). They base their prices on the number of city blocks traveled — a 25-block ride costs $37.

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