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At an Indoor Pet Spa, Why Let the Dogs Out?

New York Times, by Julie V. Iovine


 A Cab For Your Lab

New York Post, by David Serchuk 

Off Duty:

by Amanda Kelly

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 New York Pets | Dog Days

The Economist Magazine 


 Cities Will Talk to the Animals by Going Orange

USA Today, by Sharon L. Peters 


 Driving Spot Around Town

Times Ledger Newspaper, by Adam Pincus


 Inside the Ark 

By Aaron Elstein 

Pet Chauffeur Tries to Adapt to Tough Economy

Pet Chauffeur Makes the NY TIMES

The recession has not been kind to the pet industry. While their finances are in flux, pet owners are less likely to splurge on toys or grooming, and fewer vacations spell empty kennels at the boarding house. In fact, prospective owners are less likely to take on the financial burden of a new dog or cat to begin with. 

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